14 Questions You Should Ask Your Alimony Attorney

1.   How much can I expect to receive/pay?
2.   When will the payments begin?
3.   When will the payments end?
4.   How long before I receive the first check?
5.   What happens if he/she doesn’t pay as ordered?
6.   What happens if I lose my job or if the payor loses his/her job?
7.   What happens if I or the payor receive a raise?
8.   Do I have to maintain records of what I pay or receive?
9.  What happens if get another job or raise?
10.  What is the legal definition of cohabitation?
11.  What are the tax implications of what I receive or pay?
12.  Will I need to appear in court?
13.  What documents should I compile for the court hearing?
14.  How often will you update me on the status of my case

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