What to Divorce When You are Divorcing: Being Nice

I have three daughters.  And as their mother, I have done everything I can to support and encourage them to become kind, polite, fair, reasonable and compassionate women.   Raising “nice” women is not something I have ever aspired to do.    What’s wrong with nice women?   Nice women worry too much about what other people think.   Nice women try too hard to please others at the expense of their own health and happiness.   Nice women approach life as if they were still in high school trying to win homecoming queen.  Nice women are reluctant to stand up for themselves or to fight for the financial settlements they deserve.  Nice women are willing to suffer indignities and sacrifice their self-worth in order to get along with people who neither deserve nor appreciate their offering.   And after their marriages end, nice women have to divide their time between doing what needs to be done to move on and doing what needs to be done to maintain their reputation for being nice.


This is an excerpt from Letters to a New Divorce Client.  Download a copy below:
Letters to a New Divorce Client


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