They Are Not Really Thinking About You

The truth is when the opposing counsel is talking to you they are not really focusing on you per se. They are thinking about their client, and trying to persuade the judge or jury. They may even be thinking about the last case they tried or the one they have to try next.

That is why you should not take anything they say or do during the course of the trial personally. I know they are looking at you. I know they are talking to you. I know they are questioning you. I know they may be challenging you. I know they may be irritating you. I know they may be doing everything but calling you a bold-faced, lily-livered liar. Despite all of that, you still should not take anything they say personally.

Since there is a good chance that prior to the commencement of the case you had never met the opposing counsel, and once the case is over you will never meet them again, there is no point in giving them a lot of thought beyond the case. Their opinion of you should not matter. What they believe about what transpired prior to the lawsuit being filed should not concern you.

Taking their actions personally will only cause you to become frustrated and lose your focus. And once you lose focus then you will be helping them to achieve their objective and hurting your chances of getting what you want.


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