The 13 Women You Really Don’t Want to Be

1. The woman who ignores the handwriting on the wall and instead of taking action to end her marriage waits until she comes home one day and her husband is gone and her house and bank accounts are empty.

2. The woman who treats the man she is divorcing as if he were the same man she married and is overly concerned about being fair and preserving his feelings.

3.  The woman who allows her feelings to dictate how she behaves and instead doing what needs to be done she sits around waiting until she feels like taking action she needs to assert her rights or protects her rights.

4.  The woman who is totally oblivious to her own faults or behavior and simply refuses to accept responsibility for her role in causing her marriage to break-down or doing what is necessary to move on after it ends.

5.  The woman who ignores her own instincts and common sense and allows her attorney to tell her what she should do and how she should think and how she should behave.

6.  The woman who friends and family members run the other way when they hear or see her coming because they are so sick and tired of listening to her go on and on about her marital problems and issues with her divorce.

7.  The woman who gets into another relationship before the divorce is finalized and then accepts less than she deserves in the divorce settlement because she wants to hurry up and end her marriage so she can enter into another marriage.

8. The woman who passively allows her husband to roll all over her through the divorce proceedings so then she can blame her husband and her attorney and the legal system for ruining her life.

9.  The woman who allows her anger and bitterness to fuel her every decision and willing work against her own self interests as long as she can stick the screws to her spouse.

10.  The woman who allows the painful and unpleasant experience of her marriage to taint her outlook and judges everyman by the way her spouse her treated.   Punish future men for every rotten thing her spouse did to her.

11.  The woman who acts as if she is has been singled out for some special dispensation of despair because her marriage did not work out and lose sight of fact that if she went outside her home and threw a rock she would inevitably hit another woman who suffered a more difficult experience than she did.

12.  The woman who has to beg, borrow and steal to make ends meet after her marriage ends because she did not listen to her attorney’s advice and stand up and fight for what she was entitled to.

13. The woman who can’t move forward because she is too busy looking back and regretting the fact that she didn’t stay long or work harder to make her marriage work although her spouse made it very clear that he had no interest in being married.


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