Six Reasons Your Children Should Not Allowed to Decide Custody Placement

1. Custody placement is an adult issue and children should not be placed in the role of adults.

2.  Children love both parents and should not be forced to choose between them.

3.  Children can easily be manipulated.  One woman promised her ten-year old daughter a car when she turned 16 if she told the judge she wanted to live with her.

4. The opposing parent may retaliate against the child.  One man threatened not to pay for his fourteen-year old son’s college education if he told the judge he wanted to live with his mother.

5.  Children feel the need to protect both parents and may have a difficulty stating how they really feel.

6.  Children will make decisions based on what they want and not what they need.  Kids may want to live with the parent that indulges their every whim and does not make them do things they don’t want to do, like homework or household chores.

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