How to Write Your Own Separation Agreement

In this self-directed online course, you will:

1.  Learn what a separation agreement can and cannot do for you.

2.  Identify the key information you will need to compile before writing your agreement.

3.  Identify the key questions you need to ask before writing your agreement.

4.  Learn how to make sure your agreement does what you want it to do.

5.  Learn the key provision you should be include in your agreement.

6.  Learn what additional documents may be needed to support the effectiveness of your agreement.

7.  Learn how to properly execute your agreement to make sure it will stand up in court.

8.  Learn the things you can do to help ensure your spouse complies with the agreement.

9.  Learn how to conduct a cost and benefit analysis to determine when it makes more sense to hire an attorney to prepare your separation agreement.


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