12 Things Smart Women Do Before Moving Out of the Marital Home

1  They have a plan for how they are going to meet their expenses.
2. They have a plan “b”  in case their first plan falls through.
3.  They have  consulted an attorney.
4.  They have copied all of their important documents.
5.  They have made arrangements to take everything they value with them.
6.  They take pictures and create an inventory of everything they leave behind
7.  They carefully reflect on whether this is something they really want to do.
8.  They consider all of their options.
9.  They have funds to pay an attorney in the event they need to hire one immediately.
10.  They have funds set aside in case of emergency.
11.  They have researched support resources available in the community.
12.  They have sought counsel and advice from people they trust.

Photo Credit:  StefanSzckelkun on Visual Hunt

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