How to Write Your Own Separation Agreement

In a perfect world, every couple would live happily ever after, and there would be no such thing as divorce.  And in the rare instances when marriages did end in divorce, everyone would be able to afford to pay a few thousand dollars to hire a highly competent attorney to prepare their separation agreement.

But the real world is not perfect. Marriages do end and most people can not afford to hire an attorney.

Although there is no requirement that you and your spouse sign a separation agreement, doing so can make your divorce hassle free and less costly by eliminating court costs and litigation fees.

That’s why if you can afford to pay an attorney a few thousand dollars to prepare your separation agreement, then you should do so.   But if you can’t and if you are confronted with the choice between no agreement or hiring incompetent attorney that only charges a few hundred dollars then it makes sense to write your own agreement.

I created this course because if you are going write it yourself, I want to help you do it right.

You can learn more about the course here:

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