How to Find a Divorce Lawyer That’s Right For You

Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, an honest lawyer and an alcoholic are walking down a road when they come upon a huge pile of money.

Which one of them walks away with the cash?

The alcoholic of course because there is no such thing as Santa Clause, the tooth fairy or an honest lawyer.

Ordinarily I don’t make a habit of repeating lawyer jokes. And not because I don’t think some of them are funny. In fact, my sense of humor is such that I will pretty much laugh at anything—including myself and my profession. Unlike some of my lawyer friends, I personally don’t have a problem with lawyer jokes. However, I do have a problem with lawyers who behave in a way that personifies the negative stereotypes that serve as the basis of the jokes.

There is nothing at all funny about the stories I have heard about lawyers behaving badly.   And that’s why I developed a course that can help you find a divorce lawyer that’s right for you.  Learn more about this and other courses that are currently available:


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