Five Reasons It May Make Sense to Delay Your Case

  1. Since not all judges are created equal.  A delay may be needed to get a judge that is more likely to rule in your favor.
  2. A party who refuses to settle at the beginning of a case may calm down after a few months and become more amenable to your demands.
  3. Time may improve the facts of your case.  Let’s say you are involved in a custody dispute and when the case was filed you had just started working after being out of work for several months.  If the case is delayed several months, by the time your case is heard you will be able to demonstrate a more stable work history.
  4. If you have deeper pockets than your spouse, waiting may work to your advantage because the longer the case drags on the more money your spouse will have to pay.
  5. A delay may allow your lawyer time to close out other cases and focus fully on your case.Photo Credit:  Visual Hunt


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