Do-It Yourself Online Legal Courses

How to Find a Lawyer That’s Right For You  — This self-study course on how to find a divorce lawyer that’s right for you includes practical, easy-to-apply advice on what matters most, how to avoid common mistakes and maximize referrals.

How to File Your Own Divorce — Going through a divorce is probably one of the most common and traumatic encounters with the legal system.  Paying a divorce lawyer can be one of the most expensive bills to pay, at a time when you are least likely to have extra funds.   This course is designed to enable you to obtain a divorce without hiring an attorney.

How to Write Your Own Separation Agreement — This is a comprehensive step-by-step, self-study course that will teach you how to write your own separation agreement.  The course includes a sample agreement and once you complete the course Jackie will review it and make suggestions.

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