5 Things Attorneys Don’t Want You to Know

1.   Experience does not matter as much as you think.  Just because an attorney has been practicing for twenty years that doesn’t mean they have been doing a good job for twenty years.  A less experienced attorney may be more eager and conscientious.

2.  All lawyers, no matter where they went to law school have to pass the same bar exam in order to obtain a license.   An Ivy league law degree does not make a lawyer more competent or caring than an attorney who graduated from a state law school.

3.   Their win-loss record is misleading.  The fact that an attorney  wins all of their cases does not necessarily mean they are a great attorney.  They just may be good at accepting cases that they know they can win.

4.  There is no correlation between legal fees and legal competence.  Some lawyers charge a lot because their clients are willing to pay a lot.  You don’t need to hire the cheapest lawyer in town but you don’t necessarily need to hire the most expensive.

5.  Popularity is not an indication of competence.  Just because a lawyer spends tons of money on advertising that does not necessarily mean they will do as good a job on your case as they does on promoting their practice.


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