5 Benefits of Participating In Child Custody Mediation

  1. Mediation can save you money. It will cost you thousands of dollars to use an attorney to help you resolve legal issues with your ex.  Mediation will cost significantly less than this.
  2. Mediation can save you time. It can take several months and maybe even longer to get in front of a judge to resolve your legal issues.  You can have your case mediated with within weeks.
  3. Mediation assists you in reaching a “win-win” resolution. Good mediators are able to assist you and the opposing parent in reaching a resolution in which you can win without the other person having to lose.
  4. Mediation allows you to have input on what happens in your case. The mediator is not bound by the law and will use your input and input from the opposing parent in order to reach a resolution.
  5. Mediation minimizes the acrimony between you and the opposing parent. Although your relationship ends, if you have children with the opposing party, then you are still going to have to find a way to get along with them for the sake of your children for many years to come.  Since mediation will not require you to attack the opposing party, mediation can allow you to get what you want without putting the opposing party down.

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