20 Pieces of Information You Should Collect Before You Approach Your Spouse About Ending Your Marriage. 

 This information should include originals or copies of the following: 

  1. Your spouse’s social security number.
  2. Your spouse’s driver’s license number.
  3. Your most recent income tax return (and your spouse’s if you filed separately).
  4. The most recent W-W tax forms for yourself and your spouse.
  5. Any other documents that will establish your income. (ie. interest, stock dividends or annuities.)
  6. Your spouse’s most recent paystubs, hopefully showing year-to-date earnings (otherwise try to get copies of all paystubs since the beginning of the year).
  7. Deeds to marital residence and any other real estate.
  8. Titles to cars and any other vehicles or boats.
  9. You and your spouse’s will.
  10. Any premarital or post-marital agreements.
  11. Life insurance policies.
  12. Stocks, bonds or other investment papers.
  13. Pension and retirement fund papers and statements.
  14. Saving, checking and mutual fund bank statements.
  15. Name, addresses and phone numbers of your spouse’s employer, family members and close friends.
  16. Credit card statements and loan agreements.
  17. Mortgage payment statements.
  18. A list of vehicles, furniture, appliances, tools, etc., owned by you and your spouse.
  19. Bills or receipts for recurring expenses (ie. electric, gas, utilities, car insurance).
  20. Bills, receipts, insurance forms, or medical records for unusual medical expenses for you, your spouse or your children.


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