12 Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Separation Agreement

  1. Do I understand every word of the agreement?
  2. Does the agreement do what I need it to do?
  3. Is the agreement fair?
  4. Am I confident I can do what I agreed to do?
  5. Am I clear about the consequences of breaching the agreement?
  6. What are the benefits of signing the agreement?
  7. Am I completely satisfied my spouse made a full disclosure of his or her assets?
  8. Am I clear about what will happen if my spouse and I reconcile?
  9. Am I clear about what happens to the agreement when I get divorced?
  10. Am I clear about what I need to do to modify the agreement?
  11. Am I satisfied with services of the attorney that represented you?
  12. Do I fully understand the tax consequences of the agreement?


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