10 Reasons Your Spouse Might Breach Your Separation Agreement

  1. Because he/she never had any intention to comply with the agreement.
  2. Because he/she knows doing so will create financial hardship for you.
  3. Because he/she did not understand what they were agreeing to do.
  4. Because he/she believes it is in his/her best interest to do so.
  5. Because he/she believes the cost to comply is greater than the cost of breaching the agreement.
  6. Because he/she does not believe you will take the steps needed to enforce the agreement.
  7. Because he/she can no longer afford to comply with the agreement.
  8. Because you breached the agreement first.
  9. Because he/she wants to force you to renegotiate the agreement.
  10. Because he/she is miserable and they want to make your life miserable.



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